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New England Behavioral Health Services Growth

New England Behavioral Health Services Inc provides treatment, counseling, and advice to individuals with behavioral, mental, or addiction problems. We strive to promote a healthier lifestyle and help men, women, and families lead more fulfilling lives.

Our addiction services and intervention programs are geared towards building skills needed to begin and sustain recovery by learning various techniques and positive coping strategies. The goal is to provide an effective solution in order to sustain long-term recovery and a positive lifestyle.

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“To provide a listening ear and an extended hand to an underserved population dealing with mental health issues, the associated stigma, and low self-esteem that stems due to a lifestyle of alcohol and other drug abuse through the efficient and effective delivery of services.”

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Why Choose
New England Behavioral Health Services Inc?Growth

At New England Behavioral Health Services Inc, we integrate evidence-based treatments and utilize best practices with the latest therapies to provide customized, community-based services that meet the unique needs of adults, their families, and the community.

Furthermore, to facilitate our clients and ensure highly effective mental health and addiction recovery services are accessible to all, we accept nearly all commercial health plans and private insurances. We also accept self-pay. Reach out to our team to learn more or check if your insurance covers it.

We attribute our success to our compassionate providers and their professional values and take immense pride in providing our clients with the best possible experience. The professionalism of our staff and their knowledge of the best practices sets our services apart and enables us to excel beyond the expectations of our clients.

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Our Values

At New England Behavioral Health Services, we are committed to:

Competency by providing efficient and quality services with our highly qualified and credentialed professional staff that sets high standards and offers tailored services to ensure results.

 Dedication by providing caring support through active listening and paying attention to client needs to create a safe space for clients and treat them with dignity and respect.

 Advocating and working to eliminate the stigma surrounding addiction and recovery and furthering the interest of our clients to help them lead meaningful lives in the community.

 Respecting and caring for our clients and treating every individual with utmost respect, dignity, and compassion.

 Continuity of Care by going beyond the standards and delivering levels of services and support driven by the individual needs of the clients.

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Let’s Make a Difference

Join us on the mission to support underserved populations dealing with mental health, addiction, and rehabilitation issues. Your donations will be utilized to spread awareness, remove stigma, provide addiction recovery and treatment, and transform lives.

Be a reason for someone’s smile today.

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